October 23, 2015


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See us in Details Magazine!

We were so happy to be contacted by Details Magazine for a special in their recent issue! They think our Crow Canyon Home enamelware bowl in grey rim is perfect for an at-home steam facial. Keep your skin at its best this Fall and Winter with the help of Details' easy 3-step guide.
April 17, 2015


Review of R&S by San Francisco Radio Celebrity!

Uzette of the Sarah and Vinnie Morning Show on Radio Alice (97.3 FM) recently reviewed our enamelware on her YouTube channel! We have been huge fans of this radio show since we moved to San Francisco a couple years ago. The whole crew is funny and completely entertaining, without being overbearing or corny like most morning DJs. Even if you don't live in the Bay Area, I highly recommend giving their show a listen - it's available via podcast or even on video replays throughout the day.

Uzette, or Uzie for short, is the show's talented producer, so you can imagine how ecstatic we were when we saw this video pop up in our YouTube feed! Without further ado, here she is:

February 01, 2015


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Sale: 20% Off Through Valentine's Day

This Valentine’s Day share the love with our picture perfect Sweet Treats Collection of Enamelware and Crystal Stemware. Now through Valentine’s Day, receive 20% off with the discount code sweettreats (no spaces).

Bake your sweetie a heart-shaped cake with our cake pans. Bake one square cake and one round cake and frost the half circles to the square:


Now that you’ve baked your heart out, serve a slice on one of our dessert plates. Don’t forget to add another layer of romance by pouring a nice glass of vino in our crystal wine glasses. Browse the collection to your heart’s content, and enjoy the 20% off!


Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Chris and Lisa

January 05, 2015


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See Us in Country Living Magazine, February 2015 Issue

Our splatterware is a timeless classic that Country Living says “is making a splash once again.” Check out our drink dispenser and cake stand featured in Country Living’s February 2015 issue on stands now.

- Chris and Lisa

December 16, 2014


Christmas Orders

Just a reminder... Tomorrow at noon is the last day to order for Christmas arrival!

Trial by Campfire!

Ever wonder what would happen if you threw a piece of enamelware into a campfire?

Me too!

"Don't do it man!"


"A little warm in here guys!"


4 IPA's and 1000 degrees later... and maybe a few pieces of Halloween candy for good measure :o)



The aftermath!

"Thanks for leaving me out here all night! I need a Bloody Mary..."


Besides a small series of slightly melted spots along the rim it's perfect!

I'm pretty impressed with how only the rim was slightly damaged by the extreme heat. The main body of the tumbler was stuffed in an unbearably hot bed of coals. The only damage to the body I see is from the metal tongs I was manhandling it with... I didn't have an infrared thermometer (this time!) but the temperature had to be north of 1000 degrees. 

Your best bet is to keep your tumbler full of your favorite tasty beverage and out of the campfire, but it is nice to know it will survive. :o) All of our enamelware is made using the same process, whether it's a tumbler, a roasting pan, a coffee pot, or some other piece destined for a campfire. So rest assured, it can take the heat.

Now its time for me to try cooking an Ossobuco in my French Oven under the stars! 


Wish me luck,




November 13, 2014


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Do You Rove to Swig?

Wanderlust, curiosity, want, desire, need... Call it what you want, we all get the urge to rove around from time to time, especially when it comes to finding that perfect watering hole. We want to know, do you rove to swig? Know of an amazing local brewery we should try? Have a hidden gem or dive bar you want to share? Hit us back in the comments!


Here's one of my all-time favorites in Central Florida!

Intracoastal Brewing Company


I'll bring the dice! 



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verb 1.travel constantly without a fixed destination; wander.
verb 1. drink in large gulps. 
noun 1. a large draft of drink.
Peace, love and happiness,