Trial by Campfire!

November 21, 2014 1 min read

Ever wonder what would happen if you threw a piece of enamelware into a campfire?

Me too!

"Don't do it man!"


"A little warm in here guys!"


4 IPA's and 1000 degrees later... and maybe a few pieces of Halloween candy for good measure :o)



The aftermath!

"Thanks for leaving me out here all night! I need a Bloody Mary..."


Besides a small series of slightly melted spots along the rim it's perfect!

I'm pretty impressed with how only the rim was slightly damaged by the extreme heat. The main body of the tumbler was stuffed in an unbearably hot bed of coals. The only damage to the body I see is from the metal tongs I was manhandling it with... I didn't have an infrared thermometer (this time!) but the temperature had to be north of 1000 degrees. 

Your best bet is to keep your tumbler full of your favorite tasty beverage and out of the campfire, but it is nice to know it will survive. :o) All of our enamelware is made using the same process, whether it's a tumbler, a roasting pan, a coffee pot, or some other piece destined for a campfire. So rest assured, it can take the heat.

Now its time for me to try cooking an Ossobuco in my French Oven under the stars! 


Wish me luck,