Flatware Information

Our flatware is developed for caterers and restaurants, so rest assured they are extremely durable when properly cared for. Our stainless steel flatware is extremely low maintenance, but you may be able to benefit from the tips below. All flatware is made in China and exceeds FDA and CA Prop 65 requirements.

First time use: Hand wash your new silverware thoroughly in hot water using a mild soap or detergent. Do not use aluminum pans. Only plastic or stainless steel. Rinse and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.

Cleaning Instructions: If using a dishwasher, load forks and spoons handles down, tines and bowls up. Place knives in a separate basket with sharp ends down to prevent scratching and unwanted contact with other alloys. Remove flatware after last rinse cycle and dry by hand. Hot air drying increases the chances of discoloration and corrosion. Do not mix different metals in the same load. Gold-plated flatware must be washed by hand. Do not soak flatware for long periods or overnight.

Gold-Plated Flatware Care

Use mild detergents that are safe for fine china. Do not use abrasives as they may scratch the gold plating. Gold is a soft metal and should not be subjected to high temperatures. Always hand wash with mild detergent and lukewarm water. Make sure to thoroughly dry. Inspect your gold flatware regularly for signs of tarnish and wipe as needed.