About Us

Welcome to Rove and Swig. We offer products that quench your free spirit and make life better. With a passion for handmade items, we methodically curate a collection of goods you can’t find in just any old store. We believe all of our products should withstand the test of time, entertain you in some way, and combine design and function expertly. We place a high value on our quality of life, which is why we use all of the products in our daily lives before they can make their debut here.

We hope your shopping experience is fun and inspiring, and when you return again, who knows what new classics will be waiting here to say hello. Get to know us and see what's inspiring us on our blog, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter.


About Chris and Lisa…

Born and raised 15 miles apart in St. Petersburg and Clearwater, Florida, Chris and Lisa actually didn’t meet each other until their 20s in Orlando. They moved to San Francisco, California in 2013, and quickly realized they love the Western US just as much as the East Coast.

Two of their most favorite things are traveling simply and enjoying a craft beer or three, hence the name Rove and Swig. If they're not at a brewery, you can usually find them at a Bay Area park or beach with their two dogs, a Corgi and a cat stuck in a mutt’s body.